Meet Isabel

Isabel le Roux was born in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa. She is one of the most prolific artists in South Africa. Isabel has been painting professionally since 1974 and has held more than 50 solo exhibitions locally as well as overseas. Her works are included in the collections of numerous corporations and are sought after by art galleries, art dealers and private investors.

A first impression of her art is vibrancy. The courageous use of colour adds to the expressionistic quality of emotion and feeling. She paints life and creates her paintings in the journey of her own life. She is well known for her typical South African scenes, especially those from the Cape, but her travels abroad bring a new dimension to her work.

Newspapers, magazines, radio shows and television have featured articles about her art, creativity and private art gallery, Isabella d'Arté, among other topics. *Born to Paint - Blue Train *Artists on the Move - Aquarelle * Paris in the New Millennium - Aquarelle * 'n Droomhuis by die Dam - De Kat * Plattelandse Mosaïk - Rooi Rose * Kuns & Natuur Vat Hande - Sarie * Artist Isabel le Roux - Craftwise * Top Billing * Kreatiwiteit met Kobus Neethling - KykNet * Radio Interviews in South Africa, Namibia and in Paris, France.

Isabel's Art

I perceive my work as a means of communication with all and everything around me, and as an artist, inevitably, also as an avenue of communication with my deepest self. From the very first time I experienced this acute and unique sense of purpose, it generated in me a spontaneity and fearlessness akin to the thrill and excitement of facing the unknown outcome of exploration and adventure. I believe that in essence, painting is an unending personal quest to find and liberate one’s most hidden inner self, an all-absorbing passion and dedication that inevitably permeates into every aspect of one’s way of life. This rush has become such a complete and integral part of my art and my being, that I simply cannot imagine myself being without it.

I am fully aware of the fact that in my work, there are recurring themes of places and situations that I have found fascinating and that have found expression in my paintings. Almost invariably, I have found subtle and unintentional emotional and intellectual shifts in the underlying perceptions and values I had experienced at the time, compelling me through re-experiencing those intense moments, to re-canvass it from a new and perhaps even a more mature perspective. The excitement of exploring new subject matter and innovative approaches is very important to me as well as painting new themes that are left to the interpretation of the viewer.

The beauty and excitement of my surroundings often inspire my creativity, but I strive to paint more expressionistic and to be more in tune with my feelings than with reality. On occasion, my work is perceived as being colourist, an opinion that I have no difficulty in accepting, since colour is my passion. However, Madame Brunau of the City Internationale des Arts in Paris once said that I do achieve something that artists like Cezanne did and that is to allow the viewer to look through the colour and into the painting.

I believe that I still have complete freedom in expression of my perceptions, without commitment to or restrictions by any particular type or vogue of artistry. That is my life and that is how I always would like to be.

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