2014 - Looking into Art & Paris - A French Affair

How wonderful it was again to stay and paint at the Cité International des Arts in Paris for a couple of months. Like before, I seemed to discover yet another dimension of this awe-inspiring and enigmatic hub of the arts. In a moment I found myself embracing Paris’s vibrant fusion of architecture, creative arts and distinctive city dwellers and for a while, I again could become and live like a true and passionate Parisian.

Being reunited with Paris it will always be a French love affair for me. I opened my heart for that which would inspire me to take home with me, naturally as paintings or future inspirations. I felt like I was communicating with Paris, through my art and myself.

During my visit to the museum of modern art I sat amongst the graffiti covered statues and the light danced through the windows reflecting the colours of a Delaunay painting and also reflecting the trees and Eiffel tower. It gave me a great feeling of being on the outside, looking into another dimension.

After visiting Van Gogh’s exhibition VAN GOGH/ARNAUD. “ Le suicide de la sociéty, I started experiencing my paintings through the eyes of the artist and explore the way the Artist perceive the world. According to Artaud, Van Gogh was not mad. Certain people were disturbed by Van Gogh’s ‘unbearable truths’ and pushed him to suicide. And therefor society was in a way to blame for his demise.

When in Paris, I always seem to get inspired by Picasso. Perhaps it was his believe that everything you can imagine is real. Picasso also got inspiration from artists he most admired. The juxtaposition of his art and others shows the sources of his inspiration and he turned that inspiration into a distinctive style of his own.

Paris is a city of romance and music. Walking in the Latin Quarter, you pass many little restaurants, Piano bars and people enjoying intimate moments.

Walking along the Seine and over the bridges, the air vibrate with the sound of street musicians. Looking into Paris, the city with a heart, you share in the music and the dream. The streets become part of your day. Some with graffiti, the Moulin Rouge, where the girls dance the night away. Little street café s where people watch the world walk by. The Seine is the main artery of Paris. Life happens on the banks of the Seine. Some people live in boats, others admire Paris from them. And then spring came to Paris.

“And so painting should be done at society’s expense, and the artist shouldn’t be overburdened by it. But there you are, we should keep quiet once again because nobody is forcing us to work, indifference towards painting being, inevitably, fairly general, fairly eternal” - Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo, Arles 1888.

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